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Blend your own Enhancers: Starter pack with refills

Blend your own Enhancers: Starter pack with refills

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Blend your own Enhancers with this all-in-one monthly subscription. Get a blending bottle with some of our best-selling liquid Enhancers as a Starter pack and enjoy fresh refills every month.
  • $69 for the Starter pack, $49 for the refills
  • Save 15% with prepaid subscription

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How these refills work?

Blend your own Enhancers on the regular with this monthly subscription.

  • Start your blending routine

    Get all the equipment you need to blend your own Enhancers. Start creating your own enhancement blends, uniquely tailored to you.

  • Try the best from each type

    Get a full taste of our Liquid Enhancers in all concentrations and find out which works best for your own blending needs.

  • Keep your supply stocked up

    After the first shipment, you’ll keep getting your Liquid Enhancers in rotation to always keep your blending supply full.

What you’ll get month by month?

A selection of Liquid Enhancers for blending, delivered right to your door.

  • Shipment 1: Starter pack

    Contains a heat- and pressure resistant Blending bottle, a set of 3 Liquid Enhancers for blending and some blending tips and recipes to get you started.

  • Shipment 2+: Refills

    Each refill contains a set of different liquid Enhancers in 3 purities suitable for blending: Technical, Reagent, and Analytical.

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Your Enhancers on autopilot

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    Choose your set of Enhancers from our all-time favorites and create your own custom Box. More Enhancers, more rewards.

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  • Memberships

    Join the Moonshot VIP Club and enjoy exclusive access to discounts on all Enhancers, plus free shipping from our celestial warehouse to your doorstep.

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