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Subscribe and get new Enhancers with every recurring delivery. Each shipment contains the finest specimens from all 4 types of Enhancers: Fluids, Crystals, Capsules, and Powders. After 5 months, you will have received the best from the entire Enhancers collection.
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How Auto-replenishment works?

Never run out of your favourite Enhancers with this monthly subscription.

  • Start up your routine

    Try the finest specimens from all four types of Enhancers and take the first step to create your unique enhancement routine.

  • Try the best from each type

    Get a full taste of the available Capsule, Powder, Liquid, and Crystal Enhancers and see which type of Enhancers works best for your needs.

  • Keep your supply stocked up

    After the first 5 shipments, you’ll keep getting your Capsule, Powder, Liquid, and Crystal Enhancers in rotation to always keep your supply full.

What you’ll get month by month?

A selection of finest Enhancers delivered right to your door.

  • Shipment 1: Starter

    Contains 1 Enhancer from each type: Fluid, Powder, Capsule, and Crystal. Only the highest concentrations, luminosities, and purities, and the smallest grain sizes are included.

  • Shipment 2: Capsules

    Contains 3 top-quality Capsule Enhancers, with a strong cohesion property: Astral Ore, Galactic Clusters, and Moonstone Pebbles.

  • Shipment 3: Powders

    Contains 3 Powder Enhancers (all nano grain sizes): Asteroid Debris, Galaxy Dust, and Supernova Ash or Interstellar Grains.

  • Shipment 4: Fluids

    Contains 3 Fluid Enhancers of analytical purity: Galvanic Fusion, Palladium Solution, and Electro Acid.

  • Shipment 5: Crystals

    Contains 3 Crystal Enhancers (Trilliant shapes and Strong luminosity): Nebula Shards, Solar Beads, and Meteor Gems.

  • Shipment 6+: Replenishments

    Contains 3 Capsule, Powder, Liquid, or Crystal Enhancers in rotation to always keep your supply full.

Try these cosmic blockbusters

Your Enhancers on autopilot

Check out other ways to tap into an endless source of Enhancers and keep your inventory always stocked up.

  • Box Booster

    Add box-eligible Enhances to the Cart as you browse the Moonshot Store. Discover and unlock additional rewards as you go!

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  • Build-a-box

    Choose your set of Enhancers from our all-time favorites and create your own custom Box. More Enhancers, more rewards.

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  • Memberships

    Join the Moonshot VIP Club and enjoy exclusive access to discounts on all Enhancers, plus free shipping from our celestial warehouse to your doorstep.

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