Save up to 15%

Get all Enhancers with a 15% discount in subscription. Simply pick the right Enhancers and select the Subscription option before you add them to your Cart. Next, choose a delivery frequency that works for you: monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Check out as usual.

Add, swap, reschedule

Need to change something about your subscription? It's a cinch. Just log in to your Customer Account, click on "Manage subscription" and choose which Enhancers you want to receive next time, or when. You can renew, pause, or even cancel your subscription just as easily.

Try Enhancers in subscription

Browse this imaginary collection of cosmic Enhancers. These are not real products, sorry!

Why Moonshot subscription

Need a steady supply of Enhancers? Try our subscription.

  • Get great discounts

    Get a permanent, up to 15% discount on all products. Plus, lock the prices for the lifetime of your subscription.

  • Gifts from Moonshot

    Who doesn't like a nice surprise from time to time. As a subscriber, you will get a free gift every few deliveries.

  • Just what you need

    Too many Enhancers in your inventory? Reschedule, change, or pause your next deliveries.

Subscription FAQ

What are the benefits of Moonshot subscription?

First, you get a permanent discount on all items currently in your subscription. Next, you don’t have to worry about running out of your favorite Enhancers, ever.

How do I buy Enhancers in subscription?

Just select Subscription instead of One-time order before adding a selected Enhancer to Cart. Then, choose how often you'd like to receive it. Finally, provide your address and payment information once and that’s all. We'll handle the rest.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Sure. You can edit, cancel, or pause your subscription anytime by logging in to your Moonshot Store account. If you don't have one, click the Edit link in the subscription confirmation email.

Can I change the shipping address or payment method in subscription?

Yes. You can change the shipping address and your preferred payment method once you log in to your Moonshot Store account (or click the Edit link in the Subscription confirmation email).

What if my payment fails?

This might occasionally happen. In these rare cases, we’ll try to charge your CC again several times, over the course of the next 30 days. If all payment attempts fail, your subscription will be cancelled. To prevent that, you can easily edit your payment information in the Moonshot client account.

Your Enhancers on autopilot

Check out other ways to tap into an endless source of Enhancers and keep your inventory always stocked up.

  • Build-a-box

    Choose your set of Enhancers from our all-time favorites and create your own custom Box. More Enhancers, more rewards.

    Try Box builder 
  • Memberships

    Join the Moonshot VIP Club and enjoy exclusive access to discounts on all Enhancers, plus free shipping from our celestial warehouse to your doorstep.

  • Box Booster

    Add box-eligible Enhances to the Cart as you browse the Moonshot Store. Discover and unlock additional rewards as you go!

    Check out Box Booster